• Lideta, Electric Tower on back of Balcha Hospital 4th floor Room No. 303 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • +251911854313

CEO, Mr. Betre H/mariam Demsis




Lideta, Electric Tower on the back of Balcha Hospital 4th floor Room No. 303 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Phone: – +251911854313

e-mail:- info@koremtoimportexport.com

Primary Line of Business: – Import & Export


Business plan is becoming very fundamental in today’s globalized economy and one of the integral steps in fulfilling our business targets. Consequently, this plan is developed with the intent of channeling our overall effort towards our ends by ensuring effective preparation and implementation of our long term programs and related activities. Besides, it will help us in making decisions on priorities and resource allocations by providing guidance for long term plans and budgets.

Correspondingly, this business plan is built up for the purpose of revealing our business potentials as well as providing relevant and pertinent information to any concerned stakeholders. Primarily, it tries to describe the basis of our company and then it comprehensively examines the essential considerations which must be addressed for the success of our company as a whole. It mainly explores all the key elements of a successful plan such as industry analysis, company description and ownership, product plans, competition analysis, market analysis, management team overview, financial planning and other related issues therein.

This business plan is, then, developed with the objective of guiding our ever growing export company. Our import and export company is established plc hat prepares and exports oilseeds and pulses grown in Ethiopia to Asia, Far East and some European countries.

We intended to increase our export sales volume to 1,200MT in the year as the government of Ethiopia has put in place a number of export incentives which create favorable environment for us. We prepare fresh, fully machine cleaned, and 99+ % purified white sesame seeds in terms of quality standards. Our customers seek this commodity as it provides them with a point of differentiation to specialty of oil extraction & food supplement and reselling of it in their respective local markets. Currently, we have observed that the demand for Ethiopian whitish sesame seeds is promising. This again urges us to extremely extend our overall effort towards expanding our export business transactions. With such promising business conditions; we aimed to operate at our maximum capacity that will entirely accommodate the demand of our products. For such ever growing business and expansions endeavor, we need external financial resource of birr 30 million that will enable us to effectively accelerate our foreign and local cereal transactions only. We hope that our intended business transactions will certainly maintain positive returns and cash flows which in effect help us to discharge our debt obligations within their stipulated due dates.



We are committed to become well familiar and first class Ethiopian company in the  international market with keen management team and staff to provide superior value for all our stakeholders.



Our mission is to expand our successful business lines by providing the best quality products and services that surpass our customer’s expectations; keep our margins as high as possible with ever growing of our clients and work competitively and profitably aided by modern Information technology and well trained, professional and socially responsibly management team.

Therefore, Koremto Trading PLC will always strive hard to:-

  • Achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction through timely deliveries along with enhanced quality and value of all its products.
  • The consistent improvement of both its products and its responsibilities towards its employees.
  • To satisfy the taste of young men and women by locally producing fashionable clothes at home
  • To have a leading market share in garment business at domestic markets
  • To penetrate into the East African and Middle East markets by exporting high quality ready-made garments.


The objectives of Koremto Trading PLC are:

  • Increasing our investment from reach maximum capacity of 45 million birr investment plan in 2021/22.
  • Maintaining maximum gross margin in cost effective way by using our own warehouse, cleaning machine and also by using for the further our transport company. Establishing strategic relationships with new oilseed and pulse ret importers of Asia, Middle East and Europe each year & also maintain good relationship with existing customers.
  • Expand our transport wing each year & establish our garage to repair our own trucks.


  • Excellence is our passion
  • Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business policy and strategy.
  • Working for the best interest of our shareholders and promote professionalism in areas associated with the textile industries worldwide.
  • Honest & Integrity in conducting business and provide a pleasant, safe and comfortable retail experience with the fastest possible delivery time.

Keys to Success

Our keys to long-term success and profitability are outlined as follows:

  • Establishing and maintaining working relationships and contractual agreements with suppliers, brokers and importers of diverse countries.
  • Differentiating our products and services to our niche clients so that they realize that we are able to serve their needs better than more generic competitors.
  • Offering quality and well standardized products and services attached with adaptation of the state of art technology.
  • Maintaining effective, efficient and productive management team with proper strategic
  • Keeping and implementing effective communication system with all our stakeholders.
  • Running optimal size transport wing in a cost effective manner.


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